Adventure Science Center

The Adventure Science Center is a non-profit science museum mainly for kids. It has over 175 hands-on interactive exhibits with themes like biology, physics, visual perception, listening, air and space, and energy.

The highlight is the Adventure Tower a HUGE play/learning tower that allows the kids to lift cars, learn about music and even experiment with gravity. This is where my kiddos spend most of their time. You’ll be glad you read this!

Hands-on Exhibits

Adventure Science Center is a non-profit science museum for kids and adults that offers a blend of education and entertainment. Kids can play and learn while learning about the universe, physics, chemistry, music, body health, visual perception, and more.

The most popular exhibit is the Adventure Tower, a HUGE play/learning pillar that lets children climb through a heart, lift cars, and explore gravity as well as concepts from six scientific areas (Earth Science, Creativity & Innovation, Sound & Light, Air & Space, Health & Energy and Body Science). Kids also love exploring the full body experiences, interacting with the human digestive system, and playing with their shadows.

A recent addition to the facility is a sensory room that allows guests with special needs to experience the exhibits in a more controlled environment. Other highlights include a live planetarium show in the Sudekum Planetarium and riding the Max Flight Full Motion Simulator. Be sure to check the website for more information and schedules.

Education Programs

The interactive displays at Adventure Science Center educate children about the world around them, from how beekeepers work to what goes on thousands of light-years above their heads. The museum offers demonstrations and crafts to keep kids interested while shows in the planetarium keep them entertained.

Exhibit interpreters at the museum help to “translate” the topics of the exhibits into a language that helps visitors understand, value, and appreciate them. They may also lead activities related to the exhibits.

A must for families visiting Nashville, the kid-friendly adventure science center is a hands-on learning experience. This science museum for children is one of the best in the US and is a great complement to other local attractions such as the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Ryman Auditorium. This family-fun venue is open daily and is a must for all children visiting Nashville. Kids love this place and adults find it equally engaging. Browse around this site.


Visitors to Nashville may come for country music, sporting events, or historic attractions, but it’s also a destination for learning about outer space. The science museum features hands-on interactive exhibits, innovative programs, and a planetarium with full-dome shows.

The museum’s building encompasses 44,000 square feet and offers something for everyone. Exhibits include the Body Quest, which focuses on healthy living in a family fun setting. There’s also a climbing tower that requires you to bend and twist, not the kind of thing you can find at many traditional museums.

Kids can fly an airplane at Blue Max, explore the nano-sized building blocks that matter is made of in the Nano exhibit, and learn about the stars in the planetarium show, STARS. A family membership pays for itself in a few visits and includes free admission to other science museums. Guests can also get up close with animals at the zoo on-site at Grassmere.

Family Fun

Visiting the science museum with kids is one of Nashville’s most fun and educational activities for the whole family. With over 175 hands-on exhibits, visitors learn about a variety of scientific topics including biology, physics, visual perception and listening, air and space, and energy.

Exhibit highlights include Space Chase where children can try on a spacesuit and simulated moonwalk, Body Quest where they can don lab coats and operate on a life-size model of the human body, Bluemax where they can see themselves in augmented reality, and the Adventure Tower which features a series of playground-style activities including piano keys you can walk on, wind tubes that play a pipe organ, and an inside view of a guitar. Regular demonstrations and a daily show at the Sudekum Planetarium further engage kids in hands-on educational fun.

Weekday mornings are when the museum is least crowded — especially if you arrive before big yellow school buses roll in with students on field trips. Pack a lunch for your family to enjoy in the cafeteria, and make sure you can bring your own water to avoid purchasing from the venue’s overpriced fountain drinks. Next blog post.



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