Aggregate & Concrete Surface Cleaning & Sealing

Aggregate & concrete surfaces are porous like a sponge, making them very susceptible to factors like precipitation, freeze/thaw cycles, and road salt. These factors cause contaminants to be absorbed into the surface, and lead to a degradation in appearance and possible damage if the surface is left unprotected.

Step 1 in properly protecting aggregate or concrete is a thorough cleaning. We use a high pressure, hot water application to remove the buildup of dirt, grime, grease, oil, rust, and organic growth from these surfaces. This cleaning process not only makes your aggregate or concrete look fresh, clean, and like new again, it also provides a “clean slate” for the second step of surface protection…

Step 2 is an application of our glossy aggregate sealer or invisible concrete sealer. Sealing serves as a protective barrier which effectively blocks contaminants from being absorbed into your aggregate or concrete. By locking out contaminants, we help keep your property’s exterior surface looking cleaner, newer, and in overall better condition for longer – saving you money!

Our Aggregate & Concrete Cleaning & Sealing services are ideal for:

• Driveways
• Sidewalks
• Patio
• Porches
• Pool Decks
• Garage Floors and More!

Safely and effectively removing an assortment of contaminants:

• Dirt and Grime
• Oil and Grease
• Rust Stains
• Leaf Stains
• Organic Growth and More!