How Parking Lot Sweeping Benefits Your Business

Parking lot sweeping is an important part of cleaning a commercial property. However, some owners may not understand how it benefits their business.

A clean lot will help minimize slips, trips, and falls. In addition, a regularly cleaned lot will reveal any underlying issues that need attention such as cracks and potholes. Read on to learn more.


Whether they drive into a store, restaurant, office building, or retail complex, customers notice the cleanliness of a business’ parking lot. A dirty lot reflects poorly on the business as a whole, including its quality of service and professionalism.

Dirty lots with overflowing garbage cans, gum stuck to the pavement and oil spills leave a poor impression on visitors. They can also discourage business by giving off the impression that a company doesn’t care about its image or doesn’t pay attention to details.

Keeping up with trash collection is the first step to cleaning parking lots. A professional janitorial service will make regular rounds to pick up trash and sweep the asphalt surface to remove dirt and debris. This keeps the lot looking pristine and prevents the accumulation of trash that can be washed into stormwater runoff, polluting local waterways. It also deters rodents that feed on the trash, creating health concerns for visitors and causing structural damage.


The speed of vehicles can change dramatically when driving from a main road to a parking lot. It is important to be hyper-vigilant in the parking lot and drive slowly so you can anticipate other cars’ movements.

Parking lots also need to be free of tripping hazards such as broken glass and other debris. Routine sweeping helps remove these hazards, making it safer for employees to walk around the facility and for customers to exit or enter their vehicles.

Untidy parking areas are also a breeding ground for pests such as rodents. They use the trash tossed on the ground to feed and will often make nests in structures such as dumpsters or awnings. Regular cleaning helps keep these pests away and keeps the stench and health destruction they cause to your establishment to a minimum.

Rough parts and potholes are another major safety concern in parking lots. These can be difficult to navigate, especially for a vehicle with a trailer or other large object. They can result in serious car or pedestrian accidents and leave the business owner financially responsible for any damage.


A clean parking lot tells customers that your business or property is well-maintained. It also gives a positive impression that extends to the inside of your building and the customer’s car, making them feel comfortable.

Sweeping and cleaning a lot regularly removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can cause surface deterioration. This prevents the build-up of sand and rubble, which can wear away asphalt or concrete faster than expected. It also helps prevent puddling in the parking lot, which can destroy the pavement and make it unsafe to drive on.

A clean parking lot discourages littering, too. When a space is pristine, people are less likely to dump trash and engine fluids there, which can then be washed into local waterways. This is a huge problem because these chemicals and metal particles get into drinking water and can harm the ecosystem. This can lead to expensive environmental cleanup and repairs. A clean parking lot also encourages ethical behavior, as nobody wants to be known as “that person” who ruins a beautiful spot that everyone can enjoy.

Increased Value

Parking lots are an extremely valuable part of a commercial property. They are the first thing that visitors see when they arrive, and they give off an impression of a business’s values and standards. Clean parking lots look professional and are more approachable, encouraging customers to spend their money there.

Keeping your lot clean is also good for the environment. Dirt, metal particles, and chemicals can leak into the stormwater system and damage wildlife and budding natural habitats. Sweeping the area regularly eliminates these harmful substances and prevents them from entering waterways.

In addition, regularly sweeping asphalt surfaces can extend the life of the pavement by removing naturally abrasive debris and dirt that accelerates its deterioration. This helps prevent the need for costly repairs and replacements. Click here for more interesting articles.



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