Sevier Park

Sevier Park stretches over the beautiful hill in Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood and is home to tall trees, open grassy expanses, and the charming old antebellum house known as Sunnyside Mansion. It’s a paw-fect place for people and pups alike! A great post ahead.

Learotha Williams Jr. writes that Parton’s purchase of the property was a reflection of Nashville’s larger urban revitalization and gentrification trends.

1. Park Activities

Sevier Park is more than a place to play. It’s a destination with many different activities and amenities for locals and visitors to enjoy. Some of these include picnics in the park’s luscious green hills, West African dance classes, yoga classes, tot time, and more.

This quaint and colorful park hugs the Cumberland River across from downtown Nashville. It’s an urban oasis where kids blow off steam playing on inventive cool-off structures like a water splash pad and a sand playground. There’s even a small climbing wall.

This is also where the city’s biggest park festival, Sevier Park Fest takes place in late spring and early summer. It’s also a great spot for enjoying music in the amphitheater or grabbing a quick bite to eat at the community center. There are tennis and basketball courts, too.

2. Picnic Shelters

Sevier Park Nashville TN is home to playgrounds, plenty of green space, and picnic shelters. There’s also a variety of athletic fields and courts, and this park even hosts ongoing arts and cultural events for the city. The park is also a popular location for dog walking.

Whether you’re looking for some roadhouse rock and roll or some Tennessee twang, there are lots of different music genres playing here. And if you’re looking for something more relaxing, there are yoga classes and tot time as well.

There are even a few restaurants and food trucks on the grounds for those hungry. But just be sure to pack a lunch and make sure your furry family members don’t grab a bite of something they shouldn’t have! Black bears that discover human food or garbage may become day-active and leave the backcountry to seek out food, and they could injure or kill a visitor. Please help protect wildlife and don’t bring food to parks. More places to also visit by clicking here.

3. Fitness Center

If you love to stay in shape, Sevier Park has a new, state-of-the-art community center to meet your needs. The 20,000-square-foot facility offers a fitness center, gymnasium, dance room, indoor track, and meeting rooms. It is the latest addition to Metro Parks’ ongoing effort to rebuild aging facilities in Davidson County.

The clean, modern facility is located in the heart of 12 South and is open to all ages. The workout room has treadmills, elliptical machines, and multi-station and single-station weight machines. It’s $3 a day to use the facility and includes access to the walking/running track. Exercise classes are available for an additional fee.

Outdoor tennis and basketball courts are adjacent to the building. Guests must bring their own equipment. The park also hosts a popular farmer’s market every Tuesday during the late spring, summer, and fall.

4. Community Center

A popular place for area residents to take classes, this community center has a new gymnasium and upper-level walking track. It also offers a dance/movement room, fitness center, and community meeting space.

The neighborhood around the park is bustling, with a few dozen cafes and restaurants in close proximity. Whether you’re grabbing a quick pastry at Five Daughters Bakery or buying fresh produce from the 12 South Farmers Market, it’s a beautiful place to spend some time.

This tranquil green space shares the border between Breeze Hill and trendy 12 South, anchored by the historic Sunnyside mansion. Several locals are seen picnicking here, walking along the paved pathways, or enjoying the basketball and tennis courts. The community center is a popular spot for area residents to take dance and Pilates classes or send their kids to after-school and summer programs. Continue reading the next article.



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