Final Update

October 27, 2016

Southwinds Condominiums was completed today and everything turned out great! We certainly hope you feel the same way.  It was a pleasure working with you, and speaking with many of you while we were there.  It is obvious that the residents of Southwinds care about their community!

Allegiance appreciates the opportunity to serve your pressure washing needs, and would feel privileged to work with you again in the future!  

Thank you SO much!

Allegiance Pressure Washing is excited to be the chosen contractor to serve the pressure washing needs of the Southwinds Condominium community!

NOTE:  Please be prepared for your building to be cleaned one business day prior or after the date set in the color-coded map and calendar below.  This will allow for a timely schedule and ensure that the project is completed accordingly.

*In order to provide the best environment for the cleaning of the town homes in the Stoneridge community, please check the following:

ALL WINDOWS MUST BE CLOSED:  Allegiance Pressure Washing will NOT be held responsible for any water getting inside units due to open windows.  (We will do a walk around to ensure all windows are closed.  If any windows are found open, we will contact the Property Management to see how they would like to proceed.)

REMOVE ITEMS FROM PORCHES AND PATIOS:  Please remove/move excessive and/or fragile items from areas that are to be washed.  Additionally, if there are any items (furniture, plants, decorations, etc…) you do not wish to get wet or soaped during the washing process, please remove those prior to cleaning.  Areas that have excessive or fragile items on them may be passed over, if technicians feel it would be unsafe to do so.  Return trips cannot be guaranteed, so please be prepared.

LEAVE ALL GATES UNLOCKED:  Gates need to be left unlocked to allow for complete access to the buildings in order for them to be cleaned properly.  Return visits are not factored into the schedule and cannot be guaranteed to occur.

PLEASE USE CAUTION WHEN AROUND/NEAR WORKSITE(S):  Technicians are using commercial washing equipment and soaps.  Please be respectful of their space and do not directly approach them while they are in the middle of washing except in an emergency.

How the work will be performed:

BUILDING WASH:  The soft washing process utilizes a low pressure application method of soap on dirty surfaces.  The soap is applied at roughly 60-100 psi to ensure no potential damage is done to the building exterior.  The soap sits dormant on the surface 8-12 minutes, allowing time for the soap to dwell and break down all organic materials.  The technicians then come back with 8 gallons per minute and gently rinse the soap and dirt off of the surfaces.  Soft washing ensures that the siding is properly cleaned to the fullest extent, while eliminating the potential for damage to any surface, plant life, pets, children or property.