The Benefits of a House Soft Wash

The best way to clean your home’s exterior is with a soft wash. It’s a safe, eco-friendly alternative to pressure washing.

Soft washing uses a combination of low water pressure and biodegradable cleaners. The cleaning solutions contain bleach that kills mold, mildew, and moss at the molecular level so they won’t return. Click here for more info.


Unlike a power wash, which can damage surfaces like cedar and asphalt shingles, soft washing reduces the risk of damage. This cleaning method uses a lower stream of pressurized water and a cleaning solution to remove bacteria and organic material from the exterior of your home. Typically, it costs less than a standard pressure wash and can be done by professionals.

The cost of running a house soft wash depends on several factors, including the type of materials and how large your home is. It may also depend on whether you hire a local or national soft-washing company.

Professional soft-washing services usually cost between $450 and $850 for a two-story home. They include the washing of the roof, deck, and gutters. The chemicals used in a soft wash are bleach and sodium hypochlorite, which kill mildew spores, algae, moss, and any other plants or fungi growing on the roof. The solution is then diluted with water before being rinsed off.


House washing is a crucial part of cleaning the outside of your home. It protects your property’s value and ensures that stains and dirt do not settle and damage the surface. It is also an excellent way to clean your roof and extend its lifespan. Unsightly growths such as moss, mildew, and algae can damage your property, including the roof and siding. They may also cause health problems for the occupants of the home. By gently cleaning away these growths, soft washing can extend your home’s lifespan and keep it looking great.

The low pressure used in soft washing prevents damage to surfaces being cleaned, such as bending of flashing and loosening of shingles. Soft wash detergents are also less harmful to the environment than those used in standard power washing. Unlike regular soaps, these cleaners do not have a strong odor and are safer to handle. However, they are still highly concentrated and should be used by a professional to avoid damaging your possessions.


The time it takes to run a soft wash depends on the size of your home. It also depends on the cleaning solution that is used and the type of surface to be cleaned. For instance, vinyl siding requires different chemicals than a stucco or wood surface. If you’re unsure which chemicals to use, consult your cleaning professional for recommendations.

The chemical in the soft wash solution includes bleach, which kills mold and mildew spores along with algae, moss, and plants growing on your roof. This helps to prevent future buildup of these pathogens and keep them from coming back.

A soft wash is more effective than a power wash, which can damage surfaces, strip shingle granules, and bend flashing. It’s also safer for your landscaping and lawn. However, it’s important to note that soft washing cannot remove all stains. Follow-up treatment may be necessary. You should also be aware that the lingering chlorine in the soil can harm your plants.


Unlike traditional cleaning methods, which can cause damage to your home’s exterior surfaces and the surrounding environment, soft washing uses non-toxic cleaners. This helps reduce pollution and prevents groundwater contamination. Moreover, the chemicals used in this process are also safer for individuals and pets.

Additionally, it eliminates the need for high-pressure water, protecting delicate materials like vinyl siding and roofs from damage. It also kills moss, mildew spores, and any other plants and fungi growing on the surface of the home, preventing them from re-growing.

Moreover, the cleaning solution consists of surfactant compounds that help dissolve the dirt and organic substances on the surface. Then, it is augmented with sodium hypochlorite, which destroys these organisms at their roots, thus preventing any additional damage to the property. This eco-friendly method also promotes sustainable home maintenance by extending the lifespan of exterior surfaces and reducing the need for replacements. This saves energy, money, and resources. It is a great way to keep your house in good condition and maintain its value. Discover more interesting articles.



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